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We polled our users with a questionnaire via email, and from our reviews on Facebook. None were paid or given items in exchange for a review. Here's what they had to say:

I am using the 4period lined underwear as my designated underwear for periods. Last cycle, I decided to see how they hold up by themselves to my normal flow (no hormonal issues). Here's the lowdown: no leaking happened ever. I felt moist towards the end of my "heavier flow" days, and changed pairs every twelve hours. On light days, the only time I remembered I was on my period was when I used the bathroom. I found, however, that they hold more liquid if the waterproof side faces out (inside out). This is what I do on heavier days. On lighter days I wear them regular and do not feel moist at all. The waterproof liner sticks to your bum a little when you get sweaty, but as my friend pointed out... so does regular cotton underwear, but because it's a different texture, it feels different.

On my heavier days, I prefer to use this wonderful underwear with an organic tampon or a cup, but this really is an excellent (cheaper) alternative to THINX, and all of the underwear have full coverage, whereas the underwear by thinx has varied coverage and you typically pay move [sic] for more coverage.

I love that it is black because it does not maintain stains. No more stained underwear! Yay! This underwear has a phenomenal cut. It goes lower than Hanes cotton bikini underwear (my only other comparison) but has wonderful coverage on your bum.

I also think that if a person has incontinence issues, these are the way to go! Nothing like not having to wear a panty liner every day that gets all bunchy and the adhesive inevitably flips over and irritates your vulva.


Came back and tried the leak guard panties and WHOA! Total game changer! They don't feel icky and they don't irritate. I've used them for a few cycles now and I don't know how I lived without them. Overall top quality product especially for the price and I would recommend them to everyone!


My periods are so light from the birth control that I use I don't even have to wear pads most of the time. The panties are so useful for that! The fit is great and I have had no leak throughs!

       - Lisa

I got the leak proof panty as a gift and I was skeptical that they would work because I have a heavy flow and never know when my period is going to start. When I got the signs I was about to start I used the panties until it came. There was no smell! I didn't have to constantly check my underwear waiting for the dreadful moment. The panties definitely helped overnight. I wore them with a pad and the panties caught the run off from the pad. I didn't wake up to a laundry emergency. Thank goodness they're black and adorable looking! 

      - Amber

They are so comfortable! I washed them before I tried them on and they did not ruin. I couldn't wait to use them for my period. I was worried the lining would make me hot but it didn't! My size fit me well.

     - Stephanie

I tried the 5 pack of thongs and they are so cute. I hate thongs that ride up too much and are not wide enough in the crotch. They are body forming and very comfortable. I want to try the leak panties next!

    - Ashley

The quality of the panties is what I was first shocked about. I loved the concept but I couldn't justify the pricier brands of period panties. I love how this company has pack deals. I tested them on a heavy day and they held up. I'm also a larger woman and buying clothes can be really difficult, but they fit and were nice to wear. 

   - Shawn

I have been so tired of my periods ruining my fancy panties since I can't predict the exact second I'l start. The anxiety I get before starting is no more because of these undies! I don't have to be mindful of panty selection when I know I'm close to starting and I don;t [sic] have to constantly check before putting a tampon in. I went to the gym with these on and they were so comfortable! Don't just get one!

   - Allison