We all have them — those panties stowed away reserved only for that time of the month. End the nightmare of ruining your nice panties! The Leak Guard panties will give you peace of mind while also saving your nice panties, clothes, and bed sheets. From leak guard panties to everyday panties, 4period strives to design under garments that are comfortable, affordable, practical, and efficient. We do not skimp on quality with our low pricing. We will continue to offer high quality products with the maximum amount of protection at affordable prices. 4period is also working on expanding our products to bring you more practical items.

 No one deserves to dread their menstrual period or incontinence, including the homeless and displaced. Your purchase helps us accomplish just that, and we are forever grateful. 4period donates free panties to charities across the United States, and as we continue to grow, we will donate even more. Please contact us at info@4period.co if you would like more information about our donations.